Frequently Asked Questions by Prospective Clients

What local area do you cover?

To enable 4-hr turn around SLA, we limit support model to bay area from San Francisco, to Livermore, to Silicon Valley.

Do you offer Web Site development?

Nightsky IT supports small business sites like Wordpress, Wix, Joomla, from convert dynamic pages to static to SEO and marketing adwords. For more design choices, please contact us to discuss your unique needs.

Why is your price lower than most?

We're independent field engineers and technicians, with no marketing or huge overheads markup to pay for positions like VP of strategy in some companies

What warranty do you provide for projects?

For example, on cabling and wiring installation job, we provide 1 yr from normal wear and tear defects.

Our Clients


◻ One Mission Bay Luxury Condominium ◻ Sunway Communication Inc.
◻ Advanced Cooling Technoligies Inc

Small Business

OneStop Financial ◼ Free Tech Plastics◼ Qarbon Software ◼ Logicel ◼ St Louis Medical Device
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